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Here you're looking to find great deals on all kinds of boats for sale including new and used boats from the best boat manufacturers.  Like fishing boats by Lowe, Boston Whaler or Lund.   Power boats from Sea Ray, Four Winns, Crestliner and more.  We've also got many great deals on Sail Boats by Lowe, Hunter Marine, Coronado and Vectra.  Or if you're into personal watercraft like jet skis we have those to by Ski Doo, Polaris, Yamaha and more.   So,  regardless of what type of boat you need - fishing boats, power boats like cruisers, deck boats and ski boats,  or even sail boats and jet skis,  you'll find the best deals on boats for sale here.



2013 New Year-  Well boaters 2012 has come to a close.  So, now's the time to get planning for next year's adventures.  Lately I've seen alot of bad times,  good friends come and go and alot of bad news,  so this is a time to make things even more meaningful with the ones that our close -  our family and friends,  the ones we don't think about enough, but we should.   And the best time to do that is when we're doing what we most love on the water like boating and fishing, water skiing and whatever!  But in this monthly version of,   we're going to focus on the the best / simple things to make a better BOATING SEASON for Everyone!       

So, that being said,   we as adult boat lovers and avid boaters need to focus on our health ..... you  know our weight,  heart rate , blood pressure, etc.   Otherwise,  what's the point of chasing after the best power boat, fishing boat or boating accessory if we're just racing to an early end  .. .. am,  I right ???  So,  let's  stop racing and start thinking about your health!   Below are some great Health Monitoring devices to get you started on "YOUR NEW HEALTHLY LIFESTYLE" 


Heart Rate Monitors

A good idea to get more healthy is to start a New Light Excersice program, but what's really important is to keep track of your heart rate.   When you're exercising you want to get your heart rate up, but not too fast.  Consult your doctor before you start so he can tell you safe heart rate ranges for your favorite boating excerciser in the house.


Blood Pressure Monitors

The other important thing to keep track of is our blood pressure.  High blood pressue is a leading factor in heart disease and heart attacks.  A healthy diet, excersise and good rest is essential in managing it.  Check with your doctor to find out your status and recomendations on how to improve it.


It's hard to find a GREAT Birthday Gift or Fathers Day Gift  for the Boat Lover in your life,  but here below are great deals on some great gift ideas for your favorite Boater !!



Help your favorite boater get a little healthier by drinking purified, super oxygenated, alkaline water.  Micro-structured (clustered), electron rich, alkaline water is the simplest and most effective way to neutralize and eliminate free radicals, acidic waste, carcinogen and flush out the accumulated toxins and eliminate acidic waste in the body.  Also, it provides the best hydration to each cell in the body that's why it's SUPER HYDRATING water. 


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Here's some Great Deals on Fishing Boats for Sale, Power Boats like Bow Riders, Cruisers, Ski Boats for Sale and Find Sail Boats and Jet Skis for Sale Too!


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Jet Skis 

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Your boat, regardless if it's a simple aluminum boat, fishing boat, fiberglass V-hull or even a pontoon boat has a heck of a lot more to offer in terms of fun and excitement if you just have the right accessories.  A boring old pontoon boat can be a great nightime pontoon party barge with some atmostphere LED lights and marine stereo.  A simple aluminum fishing or row boat can be a great bass fishing boat with an electric outboard motor, a new bait bucket and fishing gear.  A  fiberglass v-hull can be an excellent fishing boat with a few down riggers, a fishfinder and a baitstation.  A larger pontoon boat or fiberglass cruiser can become an overnight mini-vacation boat with some camping gear and a marine style barbecue. 

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Another key boat replacement item is boat lights.  Without proper, functional boat helm and stern lights your safety and the safety other boats is in serious jeopardy. Especially, if boating at night. 

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